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club launch successes and failures
« on: August 28, 2017, 11:51:06 AM »
Gorge Rocket Club 790 Club Launch August 26th 2017
Our club had a nice launch this past weekend.  We did have one rocket motor failure that I hope Aerotech can help address.  Dan Peirce built a nice Pro Series Red Max with custom Vinyl letters from Sticker Shock.  It was going to be launched on an Aerotech 29mm G76-7 Mojave Green two grain reload. Dan is experienced with the Aerotech reloads and recently certified to level 1 with an H-128 out at Brothers in July.  It was a picture perfect flight. Why this motor failed is beyond me.
Astron Sprint XL
Cruiser launch:
Bomarc Launch on an F24-4:
Red Max Failure:

I submitted a motor failure report and contacted Aerotech.  This should NOT have happened.

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