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Goerge Gassaway has created a well-formatted forum to support those Interested in rocketry contests for NAR and FAI enthusiasts:

There are yahoo chat rooms discussing this topic, however, this forum may be more beneficial to the novice.
Launch Pictures / First FAA certified Launch
« on: October 16, 2017, 01:30:23 PM »
The GRC 790 had their first official FAA 3,500 AGL certified launch.  It went really well.  We did not push it too much with the site this day.  The process for calling Prescott Arizona 72 hours in advance was tricky.  The first person I talked to request the NOTAMS was an ass.  I waited about an hour later called back again and had someone else on the phone that was nice and easier to work with.  he provided me with a NOTAMS designator which I would provide to the Seattle Air Traffic Control center 24 hours ahead of the launch date.
The FAA web site had me on the blotter.
24 hours ahead of the launch day I called Seattle tower and the woman I talked with to request activation of the NOTAMs was very helpful and she made sure that the data on the NOTAMs was correct.
30 minutes prior to launching I had to call a different number to let them know we were about to go active and made sure that the phone numbers we had on site would work.
After the launch ended for the day, I called back 30 minutes after everything ended and closed out the NOTAMs.
It went well overall.

The Rocketry Show / The Rocket N00b blogsite
« on: October 10, 2017, 01:00:14 PM »
I really enjoy reading the rocket N00b blog site posts:

Great information.
General Rocketry Discussion / LDRS 1 in Medina Ohio
« on: September 27, 2017, 02:59:39 PM »
I thought some would find this link interesting:

July 1982

General Rocketry Discussion / FAA waiver approved:-)
« on: September 18, 2017, 03:00:21 PM »
I went on the NAR site and read the guidance instructions on how to submit for a FAA waiver.

I read it thoroughly and submitted one for our new club.  It was just for one day in October, November, and December and to see how our newly approved launch field will work out.  It is for 3,500 feet AGL.  So we can launch up to a low powered J.
I received the certificate today from the FAA office approving us to fly those days.  I am excited.
You have to call 72 hours ahead of time to one ATC site first to let them know, then 24 hours ahead of time to a different ATC site.  Thirty minutes before going active you have to call again and provide a good phone number with the tower in case something arises. Then the NOTAM will be active.
Launch Pictures / club launch successes and failures
« on: August 28, 2017, 11:51:06 AM »
Gorge Rocket Club 790 Club Launch August 26th 2017
Our club had a nice launch this past weekend.  We did have one rocket motor failure that I hope Aerotech can help address.  Dan Peirce built a nice Pro Series Red Max with custom Vinyl letters from Sticker Shock.  It was going to be launched on an Aerotech 29mm G76-7 Mojave Green two grain reload. Dan is experienced with the Aerotech reloads and recently certified to level 1 with an H-128 out at Brothers in July.  It was a picture perfect flight. Why this motor failed is beyond me.
Astron Sprint XL
Cruiser launch:
Bomarc Launch on an F24-4:
Red Max Failure:

I submitted a motor failure report and contacted Aerotech.  This should NOT have happened.

General Rocketry Discussion / NARAM 59 Live
« on: August 04, 2017, 05:48:26 PM »
For those interested in NARAM 59 but were unable to attend, there is a NARAM live web site that provides photos, video and other interesting tidbits:

Newsletter #9 July 2017
Club Report

July so far is starting off well.
The 15th of July launch started off at the back baseball field area due to the unannounced notice from anyone that the WyEast middle school parking lot was under construction which made accessing the football field impossible.
The weather from 8:30 am to noon time was low with winds.  After noon time the wind did finally arrive. Nonetheless, we had about ten participants show up for the club launch; this was the biggest turn out yet
Daniel Peirce showed up with a nice collection of rockets:
The most important one from Daniels collection today was the Estes Saturn V rocket. Since July 16 2017 is the 48th anniversary of the Apollo 11 launch to the moon.  Daniel launched this Saturn V model rocket with a 24mm Aerotech E-18 reload and it was the perfect motor.  All of the items came back intact.
I had one Pro Series rocket from Estes ready to launch with one of Aerotech’s newest single use 29mm Metalstorm rocket motors. It was a G75-7 motor. It was quite impressive.  I will definitely have to buy more of those cool motors.
Ian Trousdell showed up with some new rockets. He recently finished building the Estes Sprint XL rocket.  I offered up an 18mm D13-4W reload motor for his rocket.  The first igniter failed to work and on the second attempt the rocket went up quite high with the reload motor and landed just past the other end of the field on top of an orchard tree.  Luckily it came down and all was intact and the reload hardware was cleaned and ready for another launch.
Daniel had a rare rocket model of the Titan 3E. This rocket model kit was first introduced by Estes in 1989 and was being made by them up until 1993.
He launched it will an Aerotech E11-3 black jack reload motor.  It was a picture perfect flight:
Daniel launched his Nike Ajax on an Aerotech F24-4W reload and it was a great flight:
Daniel then launched his Interceptor E rocket on a 24mm F44-8 single use Aerotech motor:
The F44 24mm motor packs a punch up into the sky.  Daniel and every other participant recovered theirs rockets and that was a good day.

General Rocketry Discussion / NARAM patches from number 12 to 48
« on: May 23, 2017, 05:06:32 PM »
I thought i would share what patches there have been produced in support of the NARAM events. well at least from NARAM 12 to NARAM 48. They are very neat designs.
Anyone who has been to a NARAM can relate to the weather conditions when they are at one or some of them:-)
General Rocketry Discussion / MIT 1974 newsletter
« on: May 23, 2017, 04:02:23 PM »
Attached is an interesting rocket periodical from 1974
General Rocketry Discussion / Early Rocket History timeline
« on: May 23, 2017, 03:58:55 PM »
Early USA Historical Model Rocketry Timeline...Version 2.3 1/2006
5-6/52 G.Harry Stine graduates from Colorado College in Colorado,Springs,CO with a B.A. In Physics and start work at WHite Snads, NM
1952 G.Harry Stine goes to work at White Sands

1953 Robert(Bob) Carlisle (Former Navy aviator/Navy Reserve pilot) approaches his Brother Orv with the idea of a model rocket for use in his history of aviation presentation.

8/30/54 Orv H. Carlisle applies for "Toy Rocket" Patent #2,841,084

5/6 1956 Lee(Leroy) Piester future owner of Centuri Enginnering graduates from high school.

1/57 G.Harry Stine receives 1st letter from Orv.H. Carlisle after Carlise read 2/57 G.Harry Stine article titled, "The World's Safest Business",in Mechanix Illustrated.

2/57 G.Harry Stine article, "The World's Safest Business" appears in Mechanix Illustrated

2/57 G.Harry Stine Receives via Railway Express/Orv Carlisle Rock-A-Chute package. GHS sees and flies his very first model rockets.

3-5/57 G.Harry Stine and Orv H. Carlisle INDEPENDENTLY develop electrical ignition systems for Model Rockets. Also during this time frame, Orv H. Carlise develops first multi-staged model rocket, based on the the Parabee.

7/1957 G.Hary Stine and Orv H. Carlisle meet for the first time.

SUMMER 1957 G.Harry Stine and Orv H. Carlisle get BOE approval for model rockets motors as ICC Class C Toy Propellant Devices.

9/57 "Dope Can" column about Model Rockets appears in American Modeler magazine

9-10/57 G.Harry Stine Leaves WSMR to goto work at Martin Co, In Denver,Co and is usbsequently fired
for telling the AP that the Soviet Union used an ICBM to Launch Sputnik 1 into orbit, among other
true and choice comments.

10/57 Sputnik 1 is Launched

10/57 Mechanix Illustrated Article about 1st Model Rockets called
Rock-A-Chutes published; titled, " Shoot Your Own", by G.Harry Stine. The article begins: " Amateur Rocketeers who have been waiting for a chance to shoot their own rockets skyward may be just a step away from lighting the fuse"

10/57 Model Missile,Inc is formed by G.Harry Stine(NAR#2),Orv H. Carlise(NAR #1),  G.Harry's Father and Son-in-Laws, Willard L. Kauth (NAR #5) and Donald Z. Kauth(NAR #6).

10/57 G.Harry Stine with the help of Orv H. Carlisle get Lawrence and Herbert Brown (Father/Son) of Brown Manufacturing (Zenith Fireworks)to make the first commercial Rock-a-Chute Model rocket motors.
The Era of "hand-made" "commercial" BP model rocket motors ends.

11/57 The Model Missile Assn was formed by G. Harry Stine
(predecessor to NAR). with the help of friend and attorney Robert S.Appel.  The Model Missile Association was incorporated on November 5, 1957 with original signers Orville H. Carlisle(VP), G. Harry Stine(President),and Barbara K. Stine(Sec-Treasurer). [That's the date on the notarized articles.] The filing date was November 7, 1957. The three signers were designated as the founding trustees of the Association.

11/57 Sputnik 2 was launched

EARLY 1958 "Handling the Amateur Rocketry Problem" by the NFPA FOUNDER is published by the NFPA

1/58 1st meeting of the MMA takes place in the Hammond Organ Studio on Colorado Blvd., Denver, CO; 150 people attended and 100 people signed on as charter members. Werner Von Braun was both an ARS member and a NAR member (# 18) (As G.Harry Stine also was an ARS member)

1/58 "Skip" and Richard.D Keller (father and son) (NAR #4), become major investors in Model Missiles,Inc

1/31/1958 The first U.S. satellite, Explorer I, is launched aboard a four-stage version of the Redstone missile.

2/58 First issue of Model Rocketeer, Journal of the NAR, published.

4/58 First MMI "Aerobee-Hi" Model Rocket Kit 001-A becomes available to the public. This kit contained the Aerobee-Hi model rocket, a 36" 1/8" diameter launch rod, a blast deflector and 6 Type A Rock-A-Chute model rocket motors.

4/58 American Modeler magazine article about model rockets By G.Harry Stine, titled, "The Do-It-Yourself Rocketeers". The Cover states: Safety's the Watchword with the Model Misile Association: The Do-It-Yourself Rocketeers."  Has some extensive anti-AR propaganda in article.

5/58 American Modeler magazine article by G.Harry Stine about MMI Model Missiles Inc the worlds first Model Rocket company titled, "Manufacturing Model MIssiles Sounds As Difficult As Turning Out Real "Birds"."

6/58 J. (Del) Delano Hitch(NAR #3), develops and flies first successful cluster model rockets.

7/1/58 Orv H. Carlisle receives patent # 2,841,084 on "Toy Rocket"

7/58 Vernon Estes(NAR #380) walks into MMI offices and announces he can make model rocket motors "better and cheaper."

7/58 Vernon Estes starts work on creating "MABEL-1", the worlds first automated model rocket motor machine.

9/58 Positive review of Rock-A-Chutes in AM magazine by Cal Smith titled, "Smith & Smith try Aerobee-HI"

LATE 1958 MMI Aerobee-Hi Kit 001-B which is identical to Kit 001-A except this kit contains 3 Rock-A-Chute motors.

10/58 MMA becomes NAR->On October 25, 1958 an amendment to the articles of incorporation was filed with the state of Colorado to change the name of the association to the National Association of Rocketry, define the Board of Trustees as a body not to exceed thirteen members, and to define Junior, Senior, and Honorary membership classes.

11/58 The ARS report/study is done based on the NFPA Report data from early 1958. The propaganda war against Amateur Rocketry begins in full force.

12/58 Another positive article about Model Rocketry by G.Harry Stine titled, "Colorado's Little Canaveral".

1958 Reaction Motors,Inc merges with Thiokol Chemical

1/16/59 Vern Estes' "MABEL-1" spits out 1st Model Rocket Motor for MMI.
The Era of automated machine made commercial BP model rocket motors begins. .

EARLY 1959 MMI releases Aerobee-Hi Kit 001-C which contains a 2-piece 36" lauch rod with no motors.

1/59 Model Rocket article titled, " Jupiter-C" appears in Flying Models magazine, authored by Eugene Thomas.

1/59 ARS passes the following Motion:
"The American Rocket Society reaffirms its strong stand in opposition to any amateur experimentation whatsoever with rocket propellants or rocket propellant materials of any kind."

Early 1959: the ARS report "Amateur Rocketry: A delineation of the Problem , a Policy Statement and a Program for Action by the American Rocket Society" is published.

2/59 G.Harry Stine, MMI and model rockets are discussed in Congressional Record by James. G. Fulton , rep. from PA.

5/16/59 Ist NAR Model Rocket Competition held Hogback Range Green Mountain Denver,CO

July 24, 1959 Vernon Estes applied for "Toy Rocket Motor" patent # 3,125,955.

7/59 NARAM-1 held at Denver,CO.

July 30, 1959 G.Harry Stine loses control of MMI at a board meeting to Richard D. Keller.

8/59 issue of AM magazine publishes article entitled, "Rocket College for Model Makers", an amateur rocket seminar series  hosted by Capt. Bertrand R. Brinley, held in NY and Washington,DC.

EARLY 1960 Estes Industries,Inc is formed in Denver,CO and 1st Estes Industries catalog is published.

July 1960 G.Harry Stine moves to New Canaan, Connecticut with only a minority shareholders interest in the company Model Missiles,Inc.

8/60 NARAM-2 held in Hogback Range Denver,CO

1961 Irv S. Wait forms RDC: Rocket Development Corp in Utah

6-7/1961 Estes Industries moves from Denver,CO to Penrose,CO

8/61 NARAM-3 USAF Academy Colorado Springs, CO
8/61 LeRoy(Lee) Piester, attends NARAM-3. Centuri Engineering is started soon thereafter. 

1962 Model Rocketry presented to FAI CIAM by GHS
Summer 1962 Poland holds 1st "behind the Iron-Curtain" model rocketry meet
1962 1st Centuri Engineering Co,Inc catalog appears.

8/62 NARAM-4 USAF Academy Colorado Springs, CO
8/62 Last Manufacturer Demo given by MMI at NARAM-4.

1963 RDC relocates to Seymour,IN

Early 1963 Scientific Amateur Supply Co. (SASCO) is formed by John Rahkonen in Utah.
Name is later changed to ProDyne: makers of "Hurricane" and "Cyclone" EF model rocket motors.

8/63 NARAM-5 Hanscom Field, MA

8/64 NARAM-6 Wallops Island, VA

1965 1st Edition of G.Harry Stine's Handbook of Model Rocketry is published
8/65 NARAM-7 Aberdeen Proving Grounds, Aberdeen, MD 

5/66 Ist International(FAI) Model Rocket Meet in Dubnica, CZ

8/66 NARAM-8 Clinton County AFB, Wilmington, OH

Early 1967 Flight Systems,Inc a subsidairy of PyroChem Co.,Inc is formed by George E.Roos

1967 Edition of G.Harry Stine's Handbook of Model Rocketry is published

8/67 NARAM-9 Mankato, MN

5/68 NFPA Adopts NFPA 41-L Code for Model Rocketry (forerunner of NFPA 1122)

8/68 NARAM-10 Wallops Island, VA

10/68 Model Rocketry magazine Volume 1 #1 is issued. Founded by George J. Flynn, Gordon K. Mandell,
George J. Caporoso and Thomas Milkie.

1969 Italian edition of the Handbook of Model Rocketry is published in Italy

8/69 Model Rocketry magazine incorporates The Model Rocketeer, Journal of the NAR

8/69 NARAM-11 USAF Academy Colorado Springs, CO

9/69 The Estes Industries,Inc sale to Damon Engineering is finalized.
•       This past weekend I had the honor to help certify a new NAR member to level 1. 
•       This young man flew solo in a Cessna 172 from Vancouver Washington to Bend Oregon one day before the launch.
•       Met up with his grandfather in Bend and both went to the launch site that is 40 minutes east of Bend. 
•       Rory’s personal goal was to achieve level 1 with a rocket that would go up to an altitude of 5,000 feet.  He got really close by utilizing an Aerotech I-65.  He included a dual deployment altimeter and two onboard cameras.
•       This is Rory’s  high school project. 
•       The Oregon rocket club members were terrific with analyzing his rocket and making sure that the thrust to weight ratio was safe. They have a great RSO and LCO system established.
•       This was really a great experience and I do hope that Rory can share his story with  NAR and maybe his story could be published in a future Sport Rocketry magazine article.
It was a great experience to help Rory and the Oregon Rocket group were terrific with making sure Rory succeeded.
Here is the video from Rory’s successful launch on an Aerotech I-65

on board video:
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